Gary Elbert Aldrich, L.M.T.
Advanced Massage & Bodywork Therapy



I believe the best testimonials come directly from the people I've helped. 
I am very grateful for the time they took to share their thoughts and experiences, as well as their graciousness and generosity of spirit by contributing to create this page for you.
So, to all of deepest thanks!


As a veteran licensed massage therapist myself, I understand the power and uniqueness of Gary's professional skills as a healer.  His overall approach to health and well being is not only rare, it is a way for individuals to feel safe, trusting and empowered through his refined skills as a massage therapist.

I especially respect his many years of artfully refining his abilities to understand one's needs for inner healing.  I am honored to refer clients to Gary's office knowing that they will leave with a greater sense of well being and what it truly feels like to be free of pain, and overall health challenges.

 - Jill Marie -
   Certified Naturopathic Doctor
   Licensed Massage Therapist #MA34146

I was introduced to Mr. Aldrich while he was employed by a local chiropractor sometime around 1990.  I was more impressed with his understanding of my physical problems and the relief I received from his therapy than the chiropractic routine provided immediately after his preliminary work.  Approximately 3 months later Gary decided to open his own practice so I looked him up.

Despite not holding the title of "Doctor", Gary is the most knowledgeable medical professional I've ever dealt with.  Every time I've needed therapy he's made himself available and I've felt better.  There have even been a few instances where he worked on me one time and I was cured of the problem(s) I was experiencing.  His hourly rate is fair and I don't hesitate to recommend his services to my family and friends.
My suggestion to people searching for true relief from pain is to call Gary.  I'm confident he'll provide the same quality of life benefits he's provided me for the past 20+ years.

 - Jeff McKenney -     

I have been seeing Gary for about 4 years now and am I glad I found him! I first went to him with a sports injury to my hip/leg.  I was struck by how much time he spent talking to me to really get to know me and my issues.  He even looked up information in a book that pinpointed exactly where my trouble was.  After 1 session I was walking without a limp again and my pain was considerably reduced! A miracle! A few more sessions and I was totally fixed up.  Currently I see him mostly for cranio-sacral therapy, a massage modality that requires special training and education and Gary has studied with the best! He is a true healer.  Plus he is very professional as a health provider. His office is impeccably clean with lovely lighting, air purifiers and very hygienic ... even before Covid. He always takes the time to talk before the session to see what your issues at that time are and he never rushes through the massage therapy.  I always leave his practice feeling better and with a smile.  I give him my highest recommendation!    

- Yetta Jaworski -                                                                                                                                                                  

I began my vacation in Florida on September 2nd.  I always look forward to running while I'm there and I took full advantage of the many places to enjoy this activity.  Unfortunately I developed an issue near my achilles shortly after my arrival.  Since my massage therapist was a 1000 miles away I needed to find someone in the Largo area to assist me so I could continue to run while there.  I conducted an online search for massage therapists in the area and I read all of the available reviews.  Based on Gary's website and the associated reviews I decided to contact him.  I will start off by saying I couldn't be happier with my choice.  I was impressed with the free consultation we went through and he made it clear if I did not feel he was a good fit I could walk out the door.  I've been to a number of massage therapists and none have gone into as much detail prior to getting to the actual massage.  Following this consultation I felt as if I had been a long time client, versus a first time visitor, and I felt very confident in his ability to address my issue.  Throughout the massage Gary explained everything he was going to do and asked for my feedback prior to moving forward.  He was an utmost professional which brought me to my next decision which was to make an appointment for my wife.  She chose the Craniosacral Therapy and was extremely pleased with the results and echoed my thoughts regarding Gary's professionalism.  In closing, I was so impressed with the work Gary performed on me that I made two more appointments with him before my vacation was over.  The work he performed allowed me to quickly return to my training program for which I am extremely grateful to him.  I would highly recommend Gary and as I told him before I left, I will be making an appointment with him during my next trip to Florida.

- Joe Nicoli -

Gary is awesome! I am a dentist and after years of hunched shoulders and turning my neck to the side to see in people's mouths, I have developed horrible chronic upper back and neck pain. After seeing many chiropractors, I decided massages might be the best way to help with my knots upon knots. Gary has been working his magic and has helped my back tremendously! I keep going back because I keep seeing more improvement and the knots going away. I highly recommend!!

- Laurie Rodio, DMD -

Gary will cure what ails you, plain and simple. His years of diverse experience facilitated the development of his own techniques which have made him a true healer, not a hack. His goal is to cure the issue, not cover it up with smoke and mirrors. Although his approach may seem a little unorthodox to some, the results speak for themselves.

Side note - I have suffered from a 7% permanent disability in my neck and back for the past 20 years and have seen countless therapists. Gary is the only one I return to and I highly recommend his services, especially if you have had no luck with "conventional" therapy. The goal is to heal, not take a nap.

Kathryn Hagner -

I’ve been going to Gary for nearly 8 years. I have degenerative disc disease which often leaves me immobile with debilitating pain. I always leave feeling better and no one else comes close to relieving my pain. Recently, my back was severely locked up for roughly 2 weeks so I scheduled a session after waiting since pre-covid. Words can’t express what he’s done. I hadn’t been able to stand up straight in weeks and I left his office feeling SO much relief. If you’re looking for a professional LMT who truly cares about your physical well being, you NEED to schedule an appointment with Gary. Your back will thank you. I’m not sure I would be able to walk today if it wasn’t for his appointment; chiropractic care wasn’t even touching the pain I was having. Not all LMT’s are created equal and Gary without a doubt is best of the best!!

Alison Terry -

Gary Aldrich is one of those rare professionals that possess decades of expertise in their craft and still possesses the same passion they had at the start of their journey.
After just two sessions, Gary has helped me with headaches, neck pain, back pain, and even tennis elbow. As another reviewer noted, "if it hurts, he can fix it!".
Get in with Gary right away for a compelling massage experience. His extraordinary ability to pinpoint his techniques and provide a comfortable yet therapeutic experience is truly one of a kind!

Anthony Sequeira

Only glowing remarks here. On top of being an incredibly interesting and considerate person, Gary is one of only two people who has ever been able to effectively relieve pain in my back, shoulders, and neck. I've had chronic pain there since I was a child, and it's not easily dealt with. A relaxed environment, perfect music, extreme professionalism, and true skill are what you'll find with Gary. Would highly recommend!

Jessica Ross -

Gary is the BEST!
As a Yoga instructor and long time Yoga practitioner massage has always been an important part of my health care routine
From my first visit with Gary it was evident that he was different. His knowledge of the anatomy and years of experience surpassed any therapist I had seen previously. His understanding of the body's muscles, connective tissue and ligaments enables him to effectively relieve discomfort, pressure and pain enabling the body to begin the healing process
I am so pleased to have found Gary. His integrity and dedication to his craft cannot be surpassed.

- Susan Seifert -

I'm very happy Gary helped my dad.  He was in a lot of pain in his legs from work and life.  My father works crazy long hours and is very active so often he would just ignore the pain and keep going.  After a while, it catches up though.  My dad tried everything, we scheduled doctors, had prescription medication, extra rest, vacations.  He just has too much to do.  Finally I got to hear some results, he went for a few appointments to Gary and came back with a smile.  I really wasn't expecting a miracle at this point but somehow Mr. Aldrich did it.  I'm very grateful that he's helping my dad feel better because we definitely can't get him to slow down.  Dad went form sudden shooting pain in his leg, buckling over, having to sit down and stop working, limping, to a happy workaholic dad once again.
Dad asked me to write a review because he is super impressed and it is VERY hard to impress my dad.  Gary is great and we recommend him 100 percent.

- Lina Radeva -

First Impressions are important, and upon meeting Gary in his well-appointed office, I at once felt at ease.  I was given a professional health history form to complete.  This was followed by a conversation concerning my previous massage experiences and any possible health issues. Gary was very professional as he explained his role as a Massage Therapist.
An example of Gary's expertise was demonstrated when I mentioned that I had been experiencing stomach and back pain.  Almost immediately, he identified this problem as possible symptoms of misaligned vertebrae. To my astonishment, these problems were corrected during the session.   A relief from pain is a wonderful thing!
Beyond Gary's credentials as an L.M.T., he is a caring and thoughtful individual who has a sincere interest in his client's well-being.  Massage therapy with Gary has become a part of my regimen for maintaining good health.

 - Philip Caltagirone -

Over the many years that Gary has been my therapist, he has always been there for me, and has helped me in more ways than I can recount here..  Following an accident I had been in, Gary's skill as a therapist gave me back my ability to enjoy everyday activities again, and his caring attitude has helped in many other ways as well, both physical and emotional. 
Even after losing my transportation, Gary would drive to my place, pick me up, take me to his office for treatment, and return me home again afterwards.
I cannot say enough about his kindness, his commitment to excellence in professional standards and his natural skills as a healer.
Thank you, Gary.

 - Bruce Mitchell -

I have suffered from neck and back pain all of my adult life.
The pain was not caused by an accident or disease, but from what I thought and accepted as just "getting older".  I would dread those initial 10 minutes of trying to get out of bed in the morning because it was so painful just to try and move my body.  My neck was painful and only had slight side-to-side movement.  I couldn't straighten my aching back and it was agonizing to raise my arms over my head.  My knees and elbows didn't want to move, and when they did, the cracking noise they made would wake up everyone in the house.

Then it happened.
One morning I got up and could not move my neck in any direction without excruciating pain.  I made an appointment with my doctor and she examined me (but not once touched my neck), and told me that she could find nothing wrong, but if the pain persisted, to get a C.A.T. scan.
Then...she said something that changed my life. 
She said, "Go get a massage".
My wife did some research and found Gary.  We looked at his website:, and found that he had over 25 years of experience as a Therapist.  Even though the "types" of bodywork he offered meant little to us, as we had never heard of them before, we were, nonetheless, impressed with the fact that he seemed to be a serious professional who truly believed his treatments could help his clients.
My wife made the appointment and I am eternally grateful to her for choosing Gary as my Licensed Massage Therapist.
When I arrived for my first appointment, I was immediately impressed by his beautiful and professional office.  We sat and talked for a long time about what physical problems I had, what results I wanted from the treatment, what sports I participated in and other interests I had. Gary then explained what he was going to do and the results which I could expect. 
The professional layout, cleanliness and brightness of the treatment room immediately made me feel at ease.  Throughout the session, before he did anything, Gary would explain what he was about to do and why.  As the massage progressed, he would explain the functions of the muscle groups to me, and how their functions affected movement and, more specifically, the problems I was having.  It was obvious from the first touch that he was truly a professional who knew exactly what he was doing, and his knowledge of the body made me think that he had gone to medical school at some point in his life  When my first treatment was over, I noticed that my neck didn't hurt anymore and I could move it in any direction without pain..  A few days later, I made another appointment and I have been a client of his now for the last two years.

Before I tell you the results of my treatments, let me say here and now....
Gary's treatments are not limited to simply massage.  He has taught me about good nutritional health and what vitamins I should be taking to improve my overall health.  He has shown me simple yet effective exercises to do at home to keep my body flexible between visits.  His calm and positive attitude in conjunction with his therapeutic treatments have a calming effect on my body and mind, and the peaceful sensation I experienced after each treatment would last for a couple of days...but now, that feeling remains all of the time. 

Now...for the result of Gary's treatments.  After my first treatment, I had no pain in my neck and have been pain-free since then.  My knees and elbows no longer make noise when I move them and there is no pain in any of my joints.  I am also much more limber, and this has greatly improved my golf swing;  bringing my handicap down from 21 to 16.  I also have not been sick since I began treatments with Gary.  I haven't even had a cold.
I truly believe that Gary's massage therapy has improved my life beyond anything I could have imagined.
Believe it or not, I literally feel younger since I started receiving therapy.  He has explained why that is, but I can't put it into words what he said...and doesn't matter, because it is true.  I feel better than I have in my entire life, and that is all that I care about.
Make an appointment with Gary for the very best therapeutic massage you will ever receive.  Then, set up a schedule of  continuing treatments.
You will be eternally grateful that you did.

 - Dennis DeLorenzo -

In 1980 a school bus hit me, and as a result of that accident, my upper back was left feeling tight and misaligned, but it wasn't until 1991 when I fell while ice skating and cracked my tail bone when I really had trouble.  Out of the grace of God, I was able to meet Gary Aldrich.  He did for me what an M.D. couldn't;  he was able to provide relief by using Craniosacral Therapy to allow my cerebrospinal fluid to begin flowing normally again.

Gary is not only skilled as a therapist, but his manner is most comforting.  He is an excellent teacher.  As a patient, I came to appreciate how things worked (in the body) and which techniques he used that helped me feel better.  He used Craniosacral techniques along with Myofascial Release which helped me to live life more completely again.

My experience as a patient of Gary's is that he has the natural gift to heal;  to listen to the body.  He has a heartfelt desire to apply his knowledge and allow his patient to benefit from his healing touch. 
He goes out of his way to make sure the patient is comfortable and understands what most Medical doctors won't take the time to learn. 
Gary is committed to healing and has one of the most professional and ethical practices that I have ever seen.

Thank you Gary for your talent as a healer.  You are our treasure!

- Julie Cummings -

From the very first moment I stepped into Gary's office, I was impressed by the elegance and energy of it.  It was obvious to me that this was a person who was "serious" about his profession.
I was also amazed when, before I had even told him anything about what was going on with me, he asked to me lie on my back on the air mattress on top of his massage table, and simply by holding my heels in the palms of his hands and doing this thing he called "arcing", that he was able to discern that I had problems with both my left shoulder and right knee.
His treatments for me after that have brought me incredible relief in those areas where nothing worked before....and while I have no idea just how he does this (Craniosacral therapy), it is truly amazing work!

- Irina Ivanova -

I have been going to Gary for a long time(over 10 yrs). His knowledge of the body mechanics is immense. As I get older(70) and continue working, Gary has helped relieve the pain in my back, knees, shoulder and neck over the years. I never believed it was possible to be pain free until I started to see Gary. Now when I have pain or just need to schedule a body tuneup to stay pain free, I call and he will fit me in day, evening or weekends. He is very accommodating to my work schedule. He is a great person!

Gary Jonovich -

Gary is the MAN!!!!
If it hurts, he will fix it. He is now in my will. After 3 months, he is now treating my whole family. Took away all my leg and back pain.

- Diane Jacobsen -

I have been working with Gary for three months and he has my highest recommendation. Late in the summer, I was looking for a good massage therapist to help with the pain and tightness in my back. My job has me sitting for hours, and I did not want a repeat of the surgery I had about 10 years ago. I have also suffered from chronic indigestion most of my adult life, and after reading Gary’s reviews, I was hopeful he could help with that problem as well. I left a message and he was in touch with me right away. Even before his free consultation, he spoke with me on the phone for more than one hour. My face to face consultation the next day last another hour and we also began the massage therapy. Immediately, I could tell the massage was very effective. Gary warned me I would be a little sore at first. He was correct, and I could tell the treatment was what I needed. I joked that I felt about a foot taller after I left his office. My body responded very well, and other issues with my lower back and legs were also addressed.
Along with the massage therapy, Gary made it his full-time job to help with my digestive problems. I have been to several doctors, and have ruled out all the scary things (ulcers, cancer...) but no one has been able to help with my chronic bloating and acid reflux. He immediately set up a plan for me to change my eating habits. I travel a lot for work and was worried about how practical his advice would be, but I was pleasantly surprised. Gary was specific and focused about what to eat, what not to eat, what to buy, and where to shop. He presented me with many healthy options. He made himself available for questions and additional information. This is a refreshing change from dealing with an MD, who is seemingly on a timer to get you out of the office and on some prescription medication as quickly as possible. Switching to a more natural diet, and lowering my sugar intake has improved my health substantially. I understand that healing my body will take some time after years of a poor diet. Gary reminds me to picture myself in six months to a year. I’m excited about that idea because even after 3 months of therapy, my digestion has greatly improved and continues to do so. I am enthusiastic about healthy eating. The increased quality of my sleep has been DRAMATIC and my energy levels are through the roof. No more mandatory afternoon naps on my days off. My mood is better. It’s a very welcome change. I continue to look forward to the massage every 1 to 2 weeks, and to the additional advice Gary offers. He basically does the job of two people, massage therapist and nutritionist , for the price of one. I recommend him to anyone even considering massage therapy. Your only regret will be that you didn’t meet him sooner!

- Raymond Barnish -

I have been a client of Gary's for 15 years.  I began treatment with him after experiencing "failed back surgery".  I had treatments with him for my problems with my back, 3 to 4 times a month, depending on the severity of my pain at the time, and as a result, have had remarkable improvement in the reduction of my "pain levels" and have also experienced increases in my mobility.
I continue with my treatments to this day, once or twice a month to continue my mobility.
Gary is a great massage and Craniosacral therapist. I would highly recommend treatments with Gary, as he not only knows his profession, but he is, definitely, the man to see for your body aches and pains.

- Patricia Shultz - 

I just had to write and express my gratitude for the fantastic work I received from you during my visit to Florida.  While I was staying there, I started having terrible headaches and upper body pain (shoulders and middle back).
Luckily....I found you through one of your business cards that I had found in a local Health Food store.
I came for 2 treatments with you during my stay (but wish I'd had time for more!).
While your massage was excellent....the Craniosacral work you did just "blew me away"!
The headaches and body pains were completely gone after the first session. 
I came back again, simply to feel even better than I did after our first session......
AND....I did!

My only regret was that I couldn't take you home with me back to the West coast!
Thanks again!

- Kimberly Jenkins -

I am a 66 year old retired attorney who has suffered from lower back pain most of my adult life. I have been to several orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, chiropractors and pain specialists over the course of years. I have had several different treatment modalities including a whole back brace for nine months and very painful lumbar facet joint injections. All of this without relief and progressive worsening of the pain. I was beginning to use an electric wheel chair as things had deteriorated so much.

One day, in pain and desperation, I decided to find a massage therapist (what could I lose?) and, yes, went to the yellow pages. Found Gary’s listing. He was licensed, close and “as good as any other choice”. Called and set an immediate session with him. (By the way, this man is the most accommodating professional you will ever meet about being available for you.) I found out very early on that “as good as any other choice” was not true. I have learned from Gary and from my own independent research, that there are but a few real experts in this profession who really know their “stuff”, not only by study but also through years of experience coupled with an intense desire to really make people feel better and be well.

Now I won’t tell you that the treatments are a walk in the park, because they are not.  This is not your standard “relaxation” massage, although Gary does that well, too.  This is real treatment to return your muscular and fascial structures back to their natural state of wellness.  And that can be uncomfortable and, yes, considering my prior state of physical dysfunction, at times somewhat painful.  But after the sessions, when you feel the relief from pain, the lasting relief from pain, that these sessions bring to you, you will be eager for your next appointment to arrive.

Thanks to Gary (and his “magic” hands), for the first time in years I am able to walk reasonable distances without extreme pain and can sit with little to no discomfort.  I would rate it at a 80 percent improvement which, believe me, I never got even close to with all those previous medical treatments from “expert” doctors.

I very rarely give recommendations or endorsements of anything or anyone.  But I do so here without any hesitation or reservation.  Gary is an outstanding LMT and I recommend giving him a try.  You will be happy you did.

- Ronald R. Goller, J.D. -

I’ve been an athletic person all my life, and even engaged in competitive gymnastics when in high school. Ironically however…I’ve also been “blessed” with bones that seem to break easily, and I have quite the track record to prove that.
My most recent occurrence though was a fractured and broken left wrist which I received when snow skiing in Colorado…and had to be repaired through orthopedic surgery on my lower arm and wrist which also included use of metal appliances.

I found Gary through both his website (which is awesome!)…and with the referral of someone I know in Florida, and during the time frame of the upcoming year I was going to spend in Florida helping to take care of my aging parents in Clearwater, I decided to seek him out to see if he could assist in my “disheartening” recovery as well as both “esthetic” and functional problems that had occurred following the medical procedures designed to repair my injuries. My previously “normal” left hand had taken on a “claw-like” appearance and I had lost a great deal of functionality as well as a very angry appearing red scar on my wrist where the surgery had been done. Although I did have some physical therapy back in Colorado, I did not see any real improvement in my condition…so when I came to Gary, I asked him if he thought he could help me, and (to be honest) his answer surprised me when he explained that he didn’t know, but that he was willing to try and see if “physical manipulation” of the affected areas could help to restore functionality and improved appearance for me.
During the course of the next several months, Gary performed very specific, deep and intense therapeutic techniques to (as he explained) “restore the mobility and integrity of the soft tissue structures” which had previously been altered from the surgery and as a result of my not receiving the proper and necessary “post” surgical work which would have enabled a smoother transition back to a more normal functioning.
At any rate…his explanations “made sense” to me, and so I continued with the process.

Gary made every effort to try and ensure that every step along the way was tolerable as we went along, and it wasn’t a very long time before I started seeing what I can only describe as “dramatic” improvement in both mobility and appearance. The previously claw-like condition of my hand has now almost perfectly been restored so that it looks and functions almost exactly like my right, unaffected one. The enlargement of the joints has decreased dramatically as well, and where there was a great deal of inflammatory discoloration there, Gary explained that by eating a serving of “fatty fish” several times a week (sardines and mackerel) for two weeks that I would see an improvement…and he was absolutely correct! The joints in the fingers of my left hand now are “normal” and healthy looking. You can also bet that I’m going to make these “miracle fish” a regular part of my diet from now on!  Also, as for the “scar” on my wrist….it is now hardly visible anymore, except for a small line where you can see that there was “something” done, but that’s all.

Since that time when I was being treated, I have returned to my life in the west, and resumed many of my sports activities again. Gary contacted me several weeks after my return and asked if I would mind sharing my thoughts about my experience…and, as you can see, I am most happy to do so.

Thank you very much, Gary for being able to change the post-surgical situation that I thought I’d have to live with for the rest of my life. You can bet that when I visit Florida in the future that I’ll be returning for additional “tune-ups” (YOUR expression) for my general overall well-being.

- Carolyn M. Reese -

I was looking for someone who specialized in cranial work because of my migraines.  I found Gary on my search and that was well over a year ago.  He has helped not only my migraines but back pain with the body work.  I have seen a lot of therapists but was looking for someone who specialized in cranial work because of my migraines.  I found Gary on my search and that was well over a year ago.  He has helped not only my migraines but back pain with the body work.  I have seen a lot of improvement and feel like i can move again.  I used to get 2 or 3 migraines a month now I might get them every other month when adjustments are needed.  Gary does not only treat the affected areas but he talks to you about your overall well being and suggests things that might assist you.    If you don't know about the cranial sacral work then you should look into it, it helps so many different aspects of the body.  I have recommended a few people to Gary and they have had great results too.  I suggest if you are looking for pain relief, migraine relief and just overall body work then call Gary and give it a try.  You won't be disappointed.

 - Sheri Welch -

For the past 7 yrs, I have had a herniated L4-L5 giving me sciatic pain in my right hip.  During that time epidurals have been helping to take away the pain. Now, these epidurals are not working.  I have been searching for a way to get rid of the pain without surgery.  Since September 2014, I have been going to Massage Therapist, Gary Aldrich.  When he first started working on my back, he could hardly touch it without me being in pain.  Now, he can give me a deep tissue back massage.  He has gotten rid of the sciatica that I have had!  I am now ready to start walking for steps....of course.  But I would not be able to do this without Gary's body work & advanced massage therapy!  He can help alleviate YOUR pain.  Thank you, Gary!

 - Linda Tindall -

I have known Gary Aldrich for the better part of 45 years and during this time Gary and I have shared an overall approach to life that has embraced the idea of living with vibrancy.  Each individual’s attitude which extends into the world is a responsibility not to be taken lightly and this includes beliefs that health and well-being begins with healthy choices, ethical behaviors and a curiosity for finding answers contained within both Eastern and Western cultures regarding diet, exercise, philosophy and lifestyle which have been lifelong pursuits for us.

Over time I have come to call upon Gary for his experience in the field of health and holistic wellness.  I value and trust what he has to say.  If I ask something that he has not already had cause or opportunity to explore, it is with relish that he dives right into the matter.  You see, Gary is a person with high respect for all living things, and I have never known him to be half-hearted about anything.  These attributes are the keys, I believe to his 30+ years of success as a Licensed Massage Therapist.

During the past number of years, while searching for alternative treatments to some chronic issues that run in my family, Gary has been present for me as I questioned and navigated the nuances of nutrition, exercise and a host of other options that are available.  He has been not only a wealth of information, but has shown an eagerness for me to find the answers and also inspired me to pursue a career in the Healing Arts.  His mentorship and genuine desire in his words:  “to make the world a better place…one person at a time” is a mantra that I can relate to, as it has been this attitude that I have had for the last 6 years with each individual client I serve as the owner/operator of a small vintage barber shop in the historic village which I call home.

I have a great deal of respect for Gary’s pioneering spirit and verve which characterize his enthusiasm for helping his clients in a way that is truly unique.  His ability to intuit and hone in on restrictions in the body is only matched by his ability to convey his treatment plan with clarity and a calming confidence that leaves the door open for any concerns and preferences that a client might have before the therapy begins.  There are many treatment options available from his extensive list of training credentials and as one might already gather, a boundless resource for complementary healing strategies.  His professionalism is exhibited in the way he recognizes the concerns his clients have and by his kindly manner, he offers encouragement  and helps to put client’s fears to rest by establishing the fact that they are always the ones “in the driver’s seat”. Gary’s office has beauty and style which reflect simplicity and serenity, and an atmosphere which allows healing to commence.  I also appreciate the charts and visual representations of the steps involved in, for example, a CranioSacral session…or to help explain specific pain patterns one might be experiencing by showing the relationships and effects of trigger points in Neuromuscular issues.

Of all the Therapists in practice,  I can think of none better to recommend for the highest standard of care, in effectiveness and individual treatment for Therapeutic Massage than Gary Elbert Aldrich.

- Louise Richter, Wickford, Rhode Island -

I am the owner of a German Restaurant and Deli, and our family have been regular clients of Gary's for many years now to help with the aches and pains that we get from the demands of our physical work, as well as to help maintain our health. .He is a very knowledgeable  professional and always provides us appointments which accommodate our busy schedules. I highly recommend him for anyone looking for an excellent massage therapist.

- Anja Gauggel -

I thought I left a review for this most wonderful, best massage and Craniosacral Therapist in the state. 
I have seen 3 others, but they don't hold a candle to Gary....He is the best.  He will work until he gets results, and he is very effective.  I have so many migraines and neck issues, my head always feels like it's in a vice.  Gary is the only one who has been able to help me.  If there is anyone who has these, or other issues, please try him.  You won't be sorry.  Don't waste your time and money on other therapists.   He's professional, kind and very compassionate.  I left a review somewhere on the internet before, but now I'm back in Florida, found your website and read all those great reviews from others, but did not see I am "shouting" here to tell everyone how grateful I am for everything you did.   I will be calling you again soon!

- Grace Mokrzcki,  Largo, Florida -

I could not have enjoyed my 10 day stay in Florida without you.  I was in agony!!  As you know, It was certainly a "God thing" to have looked online and found you right away.  Who calls back immediately?  Gary DOES!!!  I know now that if I have an issue while I am here, you are the therapist I will call.  You know what you're doing and you have magic hands!!  I will be coming often in the are the best!!

- Denise DeVore -

Gary is a well seasoned therapist. He really knows the human body and how to promote healing. His knowledge of Craniosacral Therapy is top notch. I feel great post treatment for days and days. Besides the treatment, I enjoy the time he takes pre-treatment to discuss the intention for this session. Post session there is never a rush to get off the table, he allows me to take the time my mind and body needs to ready myself for heading back out into the world. I look forward to my next session.

- Nic Sanchez -

I went to Gary with lower neck and back pain.  He identified the areas during his exam and has given me needed relief.  Good man with great hands and a good heart.  I was new to the area and Gary is a great find.  If you're looking for relief from pain.....he's your guy!

- Rodney Hollinshed -

In mid January I experienced a severe case of sciatica that required a trip to the emergency room.  They prescribed some pain killers and a steroid also advised follow up with primary dr.  I was told if it did not improve in two weeks to see the surgeon.  Gary worked with me for seven weeks to relieve my sciatica pain by preforming massage therapy.  I also saw a chiropractor three times at the recommendation of Gary.  I am here to tell you there are options other than medications and surgery.  Gary is a great listener taking into consideration the patients concerns all while forming a precise treatment plan that offered excellent results.  When we were done with treatment, Gary explained that he has been in practice for 33  years and had never seen sciatica pain to the extent which I endured.  For those suffering with sciatica or other body ailments I strongly suggest you seek out Gary and give him a try.  I will continue to see Gary for maintenance as preventative.

Very satisfied patient.

- Russ Welch -

This last February I visited Gary's office because I had a pain on my right shoulder . After an interview he gave me a deep tissue message on my right scapula , it was sore for a couple of days . I then noticed that I had more uncomfortable pain in more like the rotator & socket . Went back to see Gary, he gave me another treatment and have been doing Great ever since . Thank You Gary!

- John Kegebein -

Is rolfing for golfing? I want to say yes! First time deep tissue massage. Great experience and results. I feel more planted on the ground and swing was freer. Very impressed with Gary's work. I'm going back for more.

Bryan Swingler -

Thanks for your help, Gary. You are the reason I can move without pain. After years of cortisone shots, one intense massage from Gary gave me unbelievable mobility and relieved so much pain.

- Ben Tyson -