Gary Elbert Aldrich, L.M.T.
Advanced Massage & Bodywork Therapy

Personal Philosophy

  • I believe in the promotion of personal health.  This includes the principles of healthy eating, exercise and nutritional supplementation when appropriate.   I encourage all of my clients to engage in these principles in order to have a better overall sense of well-being and personal health.

  • I believe in the principles of spinal alignment as a necessary component of proper nerve conduction, muscle and organ health.  This, coupled with physical manipulation of the muscles and fascia, afford each person the very best chances at having a lifelong equity of excellent health and physical awareness.

  • I believe that we are, unnecessarily, a severely over-medicated society, and that only by returning to the principles which “give” health, can we ever expect to return to this natural state.  While some medications are, of course, necessary for proper functioning, the “ideal” is to help each and every patient develop new or better health habits which could help them achieve a greater sense of well-being and improved overall health, without such a heavy reliance on artificial means to achieve those ends.

  • I believe that good health is a goal which must be worked for, and that it is my responsibility as a healthcare practitioner to encourage and provide support for my clients by being an example of the fact that good health is something achievable and worth the effort of working towards.