Gary Elbert Aldrich, L.M.T.
Advanced Massage & Bodywork Therapy

Benefits of Massage

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Stress and Massage
Massage is a pleasurable experience.  It increases your body's self awareness and sensitivity, reduces your stress, tension and anxiety levels.  It focuses and clears your mind; helps to improve and maintain your posture, as well as fulfills your need for a caring and nurturing touch. Massage also encourages a sense of self-esteem, a general feeling of well-being, and helps to improve your emotional awareness.

Health benefits of Massage
Increased ciruculation, reduction of pain and dysfunction, calming of the nervous system, flushing of toxic build-up within the muscular system and an overall improvement in mental health and physical well-being are only some of the benefits that may be experienced with consistent therapy.

You will feel highly relaxed following a massage therapy session, and often experience a surge of energy, heightened awareness and greater productivity that can last for many days.

Massage is simply, the oldest, the best and the most authentically effective therapy on the planet!


Web Links

American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)
The AMTA is the oldest and largest institution representing the  massage therapy profession.  Their website is a great reference for industry related information and current events.

WebMD Health
WebMD Health is the leading provider of online information, educational services and communities for physicians and consumers.  Their website provides an archive to many journals and articles and in-depth descriptions of various conditions and illnesses.

Upledger Institute
More information on Craniosacral Therapy and SomatoEmotional Release.

God's Pharmacy
For those of you who have never seen this fascinating video about fruits, vegetables and nuts and their amazing similarities to the human body...please click on this link and enjoy.


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Brainspeak Program:

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