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Upledger Still-Point Inducer

Use this simple device inspired by Dr. John Upledger and created by John Matthew Upledger to create soothing still points like those you can achieve with CranioSacral Therapy.
$25.00 each

Recommended Reading

Your Inner Physician and You



The seminal work by Dr. Upledger.
Describes in detail the beginnings of Craniosacral Therapy, its applications and everything else you would want to know about this amazing, life-altering therapeutic approach.
$16.00 each

The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences


It's an experience we will ALL get to have...
so why not approach it with all the information that's available?  A fascinating, well-researched book that gives you plenty of reasons to understand that our physical death is not really the end at all.
Highly, highly recommended!
$20.00 each

Secrets of the Light



Another truly amazing read by a man who died three times and came back to tell about his experiences on the other side.
An enlightening and uplifitng book for anyone; believer or non-believer, about the experience of transition, which has been and will forever be common to all of us.
Mind-expanding AND highly recommended!
$20.00 each

Ask and It Is Given


Did you ever read the bestselling book, THE SECRET...
only to discover that it didn't work for you?'re not alone. 
Esther and Jerry Hicks explain simply and clearly how to manifest your desires in a way that THE SECRET leaves out.  Easy-to-understand and inspiring techniques that will give you results you only wished possible before.
$16.00 each

Nutritional Products


A remarkable additive for purified water.  Increases negatively charged oxygen for use by the body.  Includes amino-acids, Warburg Enzymes and other nutritional trace elements simply by adding 8 drops to 8 ounces of water.  Excellent for boosting immunity and increasing energy levels.  One bottle lasts approximately a month with daily use.
1 oz. bottle $30.00
(tax already included)....AND still the best price available!


Healing Sounds

(with Alpha Brainwave Pulses)



Dr. Jeffrey Thompson has coupled nature’s natural phenomena with his expert Alpha brainwave entrainment to offer you a deeply relaxing and beautiful state of being.  
Now, you may summon a thunderstorm any time!   
$15.00 each

Ocean Waves
(with Alpha Brainwave Pulses)


Dr. Jeffrey Thompson's combination of Alpha brainwave entrainment and ocean waves makes for a tremendously relaxing and rejuvenating experience for the listener.  Beautiful and soothing for those who love the ocean and all that it means and symbolizes.
$15.00 each

(with Alpha Brainwave Pulses)


Rain for many is symbolic of clearing and of refreshing rejuvenation, a chance to start anew.. Bringing life nourishing sustenance, rain speaks to us in many ways. and combined with Alpha brainwave entrainment, this composition will help you enter and enjoy a relaxing and regenerative state of peace and calmness.
$15.00 each

Songbird Sunrise
(with Alpha Brainwave Pulses)


Have you ever been wakened by singing birds in the morning?  If you have had this experience, then you know how beautiful and calming are the songs of birds as the sun rises.  With Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s masterful touch, Songbird Sunrise can now waken and soothe you into a relaxed and peaceful state of being anytime during your 24-hour day.
$15.00 each                                                     

Sound Tools for Deep Meditative States

Gamma Meditation System


HyperGamma is a very special state in which deep insight and meditation are easily obtained.  Frequently used in my office to help clients to relax and allow greater healing to occur..   A powerful Audio Program.

Gamma Meditation System 2.0


Offered to persons since the late 1990’s and regularly requested by my clients during sessions, the Hypergamma brainwave state is a very special place.  Use of this powerful Audio Program will be most beneficial if used with reverence and for the purpose for which it was created.                                                                                                                                                                                                        $15.00 each