Quitting Smoking?

                                                                                     "IT CAN BE DONE!"

First things first...

Your biggest challenge in finally getting cigarettes out of your life, believe it or not, is going to be that SPECIAL MOMENT in which you make up your mind that smoking is no longer a reasonable or intelligent option for your lifestyle.
And...that's it!
Plain and simple.  Once you're finally committed to the idea of being free of tobacco's influence...you've essentially got it made.
That single positive idea is one of the greatest tools you're going to have; that one inspirational moment that's going to take you from being a slave to nicotine (and let's not forget the terrible financial toll as well)...to being free at last from this addiction.

I've done it.
And so can you.

I'm about ready to give you some of the most important pointers you'll ever receive on QUITTING FOR GOOD!
Let's get going, shall we?  Quitting will require you to be motivated. You should never quit for anyone other than yourself....otherwise you'll not have the proper motivation to quit.  I'm not saying that quitting for the sake of your family isn't a good and valid reason, but it must be you who feels that this is the right step to be taking.
Okay.  Let's state your first objective:

1.  I am setting a time for me to quit because it is MY DECISION to finally free myself from the slavery of smoking.

Now that you've made your decision, let's pick a correct time of the day.  Most of the time when you're awake you go through periods of "craving" another "fix" of nicotine.
I know that I did.
Have your last cigarette before going to sleep at night.  I know this might seem funny, but this way, by the time you wake up in the morning, you'll have at least 8 or 9 hours of not smoking...and in the beginning it's a matter of "every little step counts".
See?  You're already on your way to not smoking for almost a third of a day!
Let's review this step:

2.  Have your last cigarette before going to sleep.

Congratulations!  You haven't been smoking now for 8 or 9 hours!   Now...have a good breakfast that doesn't include your morning cup or two of caffeine.  Coffee, caffeinated tea and colas have the potential to keep you feeling a bit nervous...and we want you to avoid feeling more nervous and to replace this with a greater sense of calm instead.  Here's where some great products come into play.  You're going to have these on hand already by the the time you've awakened to begin the first full day without cigarettes.  A trip to your local health food store, drug store or supermarket should enable you to purchase HYLAND'S CALMS FORTE.  This is  a homeopathic remedy which will help with the nervousness and insomnia generally associated with the initial process of withdrawal from nicotine.  Homeopathy is a gentle, non-addicting system of assisting the body by providing atoms or molecules of ingredients which target specific body functions without the hassle of side-effects.  CALMS FORTE  can be used at nighttime (or when sleep is necessary) to reduce nervousness and anxiety and help allow restful sleep to occur.  The other product you will want to have is SMOKING WITHDRAWAL  from a company called Natra-Bio.  These are homeopathic tablets which give you support whenever you experience a "craving".  I have provided a link below where they can be purchased online if you are not able to find them at your local health food store.
A brief (BUT IMPORTANT) note about cravings:  
Whenever you experience a craving, please understand that the average time for one to pass is about 5 minutes.  The SMOKING WITHDRAWAL tablets will help you during these times.

Step 3 is:

Have my homeopathic remedies on hand to assist me whenever I experience nervousness, anxiety, cravings or insomnia.

The next steps I will list with a brief explanation of each. These are critically important as they will be the steps which will help you through the initial phases of withdrawal and give you the support you will need to complete your transition from SMOKER to NON-SMOKER.

4.  Be kind and patient with yourself.
A suggestion that seems obvious on the surface but one which, if ignored, can sabotage even the most optimistic and enthusiastic beginners in this process.  Quitting is difficult, but not impossible.  Many others before you have done it successfully.  Give yourself credit for your efforts thus far.

5.  Drink PLENTY of Distilled Water and eat fresh (Organic is even better!) fruits and vegetables (if compatible with your dietary issues).
Distilled water helps to "leech out" inorganic, negative substances in your body (nicotine and its by-products).  Fresh fruits and vegetables will  "replenish" the necessary vitamins, minerals and enzymes that your body has been depleted of during the time you have been smoking;  resulting in a greater effort by your system to compensate for smoking's negative effects.

6.  Realize that this is a process.  Quitting for good takes time.
Just for a second....Remember a time before you started smoking. Did you think about smoking then?  No. Of course you didn't.  And if this sounds a bit crazy, considering that you're smoking now and feeling as if quitting is a daunting task.....
Just for a second.....Believe that once enough time has elapsed....you wil feel EXACTLY the same way as you did before you ever started!
It's NOT a myth.
And it's NOT fantasy.
Simply put:  All that you have to do is "hang in there", and you'll eventually be at that point.  Most people who are trying to quit, somehow lose sight of that very important fact!

7.  Visualize and Affirm
Your last critically important part of your program is to SEE yourself as a non-smoker!  You must begin to hold before your imagination a picture of yourself as being free from tobacco's influence.  SEE yourself as enjoying better health, being able to take a deeper breath, no longer coughing, having clear lungs.  VISUALIZE yourself with all that additional money in your pockets and bank accounts.
VISUALIZE yourself feeling proud and happy with what you have accomplished.  SEE the respect and admiration of your family and friends; marvelling at your wisdom and strength in being able to quit.  The time will indeed come when you no longer need that "fix".  The time will indeed come when the thought of smoking will no longer even occur to you anymore.  Simply follow my instructions and, before you know it, you will be well on your way to breaking your addiction to nicotine.


    "Anything else I can do to help me quit?"

Yes, in fact, there is!
I have designed a "5-DAY SMOKING CESSATION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM" which will help you to bypass your initial cravings quicker, thereby giving yourself an additional advantage towards reaching your goal of being smoke-free.
Simply put, the program consists of 5 days of massage & craniosacral treatment combinations, each lasting 45 minutes.  They are designed to help facilitate a quicker and more complete release of toxins that your body has been accumulating as a result of continuous tobacco use, and for these toxins to be eliminated from your body in a more efficient fashion by assisting your lymphatic system.  The combination of this vigorous massage treatment and specific Craniosacral techniques will fine-tune your innate physical processes, enhance your craniosacral rhythm and help to boost your immune responses;  giving you a decided advantage by having less negative effects while your body is going through the arduous process of detoxifying itself from years of nicotine abuse.

      "Okay.....sounds good.  Tell me more."

This program runs on a "Monday through Friday" schedule, for obvious reasons.  I suggest to clients that they begin to quit (by following my instructions above) on the Friday or Saturday before starting my program, so that they will already have 2 or more days of not smoking behind them, giving them additional confidence and motivation.  Additionally,  I request that someone who wants to use this program to try and do their very best to schedule their appointments for approximately the same time each day.  A simple reason for this is that it works better for your body's internal clock and bio-rhythms and educates your body into preparing itself to receive this assistance.  Your body knows best and will, after a few days, look forward to being helped.

You must complete each of the 5 days on schedule.
Although I definitely make allowances if you can not schedule at the same time each day, if you miss a day.....you've missed it.
There are NO MAKE-UP DATES, so make sure that you schedule accordingly.
At the conclusion of each of your 45-minute treatments, we will sit down and discuss your progress.  I will listen carefully as to how you are doing, offer encouragement and perhaps some individually-tailored extra ideas (when appropriate) to help your process along.

 "Excellent!   What does your program cost?"

The cost of the program is a flat $300 and is payable on the first day.
If you are a pack-a-day smoker (as most people who have been smoking for years are), and are paying $4.00 to up to as much as $9.00 per pack.or even more  (depending on where you reside) ....you can think of the program as approximately two month's smoking expense.
Also think of how much cleaner your lungs will be and how much better you will be feeling!   Think also of how, after that first month, how much more money you'll be saving for things you really would enjoy having!
See?  You're practicing visualization already!

                                 "Anything else?"

Just this:  the program is non-refundable.
Quitting ultimately comes down to you.  It is your desire and motivation which will move you into this higher form of existence.  People who have managed to quit do consider it a blessing;  make no mistake about that.  Quitting is perhaps one of the most important and valuable events in a person's life.  It is something that will impact your life on a daily basis from now on.  That you have read this far confirms the fact that you already have the proper motivation to get you through the process. 
You know that what I am saying is right.  You know it in your heart.  You can do it.......and I'm here to help.

Please call or email me with any additional questions you might have.


Once again, this program is intended for people who are physically able to engage in it.  If you have serious health concerns, I advise you to consult your physician first to be sure that it is acceptable with your health guidelines. 


The homeopathic products discussed above are over-the-counter (OTC) health products and, while their safety is well-established, I again advise you to ask your family physician or established healthcare provider if they feel they will pose no problem for you in regard to their use.