Misssion Statement


As explained on my Home Page, the two primary therapies I offer are NEUROMUSCULAR Massage and CRANIOSACRAL Therapy.  Since 1985, my mission has been to provide relief to people seeking an alternative to drugs or surgery.  Approximately 99% of my clients come to my office with problems such as sciatic or muscular pain, restriction of movement, TMJ problems, fascial immobility, headaches and migraines or complications resulting from automobile accidents.

My practice is oriented towards giving you the greatest chance to "make the most" of your life by removing those blocks caused by stress, inactivity or injury. Many of the therapeutic (Neuromuscular) applications I employ consist of deep tissue techniques which include trigger point work, Myofascial release, ischemic pressure (to increase circulation) and skin rolling to enhance ease of muscular movement.

Through years of experience, I have found that while light, superficial massage does bring about a relaxation response in people, it is also my observation that deep tissue techniques have a greater potential to deliver a longer lasting, more profound relaxation that also has the additional advantage of aiding to improve posture and physiological functioning.

Specific problems, such as Fibromyalgia however, initially require light work, as the pain and tenderness aspects of this conditon insist that the patient be addressed in this manner until such time when deeper work can be sustained.
Rest assured that I will always work within the limits which YOU specify.
It is my promise to you that I will do my very best to work within your own personal ranges of comfort to achieve the results which you are seeking.