Do I need bodywork?



This is a really great question...and one which I just love to answer...

but to do that properly, let's start by looking at an evening's sitting of "television watching".
Just how many commercials do you run across each evening where people are discussing how many of a certain painkiller to take....
versus how many of another one to get the same effect? many other ones do you see where someone is telling you how much better the pain killer they use is, in comparison with other nationally known brands?
And then, of course....there's the slew of Doctors (Actors actually)  and Pharmacists (again, MORE actors) offering you their opinions, based on the latest scientific studies.

And finally...
let's not forget the commercials that aren't about OTC (over-the-counter) pills, but rather the ones that are more "prescription oriented".....and truthfully, SCARY....especially when they start mentioning the possible "side effects" that can occur with use.

You get the idea, I'm sure.
By the time you're through watching all of these people parade the "pain idea" in front of you each's a wonder you ever get to finish an episode of your favorite show!

Let's take a trip to your local Drug Store, Wal-Mart or Grocery store.
A simple walk down one of the aisles populated by an almost endless parade of analgesics, anti-inflammatories and other OTC pain remedies is enough to give anyone a migraine!

You see?
We're TAUGHT and BOMBARDED....continually and each and every step of our daytime and nighttime activities that we need these products to help us to deal with our pain.

But here is the important question :  Why is it exactly that WE TEND TO BELIEVE that our "pain" needs to be handled in the fashion of mindlessly popping more pills?
Isn't there anything possibly better than what is being offered to us?

OF COURSE there is!.....
While medicines for "pain" DO have their place in our medicine cabinets, their overuse and overabuse is both legendary, familiar.... and all-too-obvious.....
isn't it?

You see?  We're "creatures of habit" AND circumstance and, as such, we too often tend to take the path of least resistance when it comes to maintaining or bettering our health. 

The natural and yet unfortunately, unavoidable effects of gravity, repetitious overconsumption of "junk food", lack of proper exercise and overall general poor nutritional choices, combined with the stresses of everyday living have made us literal "junkies" for the easy and fast, over-the-counter or prescription "fix" that we've come to accept as a reasonable antidote for the aches and pains that we have actually created for ourselves.

So....What's the answer for this downward spiral many of us have found ourselves in?

Simply put....

"To change the way your body feels...change your body."                                                                                 

And the genius of receiving bodywork, as a permanent solution for relieving everyday body aches and pains!